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Military Custom Patches

military custom patches


If you have ever seen an active military member, police officer, EMT or firefighter in uniform, they are likely wearing custom patches. These distinctive designs are a large part of their identity and a source of pride and camaraderie.

Patches military custom patches, years of service and specific mission affiliations. They can also serve to show a person’s personality and interests, allowing others to recognize their expertise and know what to expect from them on the job.

Name patches display a soldier’s branch of service and rank, while unit patches identify the group to which they belong. They may also include the group’s insignia or slogan, such as “Semper Fidelis.”

Adding Depth: Exploring the Appeal of 3D PVC Patches

The most famous of all military patches is the American flag. It is worn by every uniformed service member and symbolizes the sacrifice of those who have died in defense of the country.

PVC (sometimes referred to as “Bevo”) patches are embroidered using a different color of thread on each pass, which creates layers that give them a 3-D appearance. This technique can be used to make patches that appear to be screened or woven, and some have complex patterns that are truly works of art. However, too many layers can break needles when sewing, so they are usually not made with more than four or five.

Some patches are “subdued” to make them less colorful and more subtle. This is done to make them less of a bullet magnet on the battlefield and reduce the risk of civilian casualties.

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