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Williamson County Bondsman

Williamson County Bondsman

Located in the heart of Texas, Williamson County Bondsman is home to Georgetown, a beautiful city that serves as the county seat. This town is known for its historic Victorian architecture, as well as being the home of Southwestern University.

Behind Bars? Understanding Williamson County Bondsman Services

In the state of Texas, individuals arrested on charges are given the option to post bail – a financial guarantee to the court that they will return for all scheduled court appearances. This guarantee can be paid in cash or secured through the use of a bail bondsman. A judge or magistrate sets the bail amount during an arraignment hearing. This hearing considers several factors, including the severity of the charges, criminal record, and risk of flight.

Misdemeanor Cases

A Williamson County deputy or police officer files a criminal complaint with the District Attorney’s Office, charging the defendant with a misdemeanor. During this process, the Williamson County Bondsman can be contacted to help make sure your loved one is released from jail as quickly as possible.

Felony Cases

In felony cases, the alleged offender is charged by way of an information document that is drafted by the District Attorney’s Office. During this process, the defendant is arrested and brought to court on jail chains. The first appearance setting will determine if they must hire an attorney or qualify for a Williamson County court-appointed attorney.

During the announcement (pre-trial) settings, the defense lawyer and Williamson County Assistant District Attorney can discuss the case and determine whether or not to accept a plea bargain offer. In the event no deal can be made, the case will be set for a jury trial or a bench trial before the Williamson County judge.

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